Dying to be what you wanna see.

I'm a fuck up .

I could sit here for an hour and tell you how much i miss you and love you but I’m just gonna send you 1 word replies so you don’t think I’m pressed


i was so drunk and harry potter was on tv and i was mastrbating and dobby died and i was crying as i masturbated it was a disaster

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The human body has 7 trillion nerves and some people manage to get on every single fucking one of them

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Haven’t posted in a while.

I just wanted to let everyone know I went to detox for 11 days and rehab for 97. I’ve been home for a little while now and I’m doing ok, still fucking up here and there but I’m better. Happy mothers day everyone

Relapse, Recover, Repeat.: NO REGRETS →


I’m not willing to torture myself by feeling badly about my addiction, I don’t regret a single moment. I’m never going to be sorry about it, and there’s no fucking way I’ll ever apologize. My addiction isn’t a good thing, I’m well aware of that, but my entire life has been changed by the drugs. I…

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Anonymous asked: You really shouldn't be on Dope. It'll ruin you..I've buried a friend and a family member that way. It isn't how you want your story to end. Life can be kinder for you. You just have to try and find it. It's all in your perspective. Addiction is a bitch but there are places and ways to help yourself. Love yourself babe, this is the only life you get. You don't want it to be a blur of fucked up nights and dirty rigs. You're better then that. I can see that.


Thank you so much anon…wish I could do it on my own.

Black Tar: I tighten my fist. And relax. Tighten. Relax. My veins pop out like... →


I tighten my fist. And relax. Tighten. Relax. My veins pop out like snakes under a rug. I take my filled rig and try to decide which vein will actually work this time. Funny though, this whole process is only in vein. I’ve fucked my veins up to the point where it looks like someone severely beat…